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hat moment stays quite vividly in my mind; Shoes polished, uniform all tidy and 
clean, and bags packed, A very Joyous looking me was all decked up to spring into yet another year of the academic calendar, looking forward to the quotidian interaction with friends and teachers.

Last year, the unprecedented declaration of the Lock-down strewed much of the country into chaos, inviting a massive exodus before the decree took effect, revolutionizing the social affinity of me and volumes of People across the globe, for aye, while the uncertainty loomed, but also concomitantly unleashing immense opportunities and de rigueur for us to recognize our potential in the digital domain too. On some days, the novelty of being connected online and the increased feasibility to surf websites concurrently often led to distraction during the classes. While, on other days, the extended hours of screen time were found to be taking a toll on my physical well-being and felicity, often resulting in strained, dry eyes and headaches. The feelings of missing out, pitched in ad nauseum and dealing with emotional exhaustion was also a challenge in itself. Those were challenges which come as a part of mutating your lifestyle into a digital one, but the even greater challenge remains to not let them become a bottleneck on your way to progress.

Though the times were, and continue to remain turbulent, I have always tried to make myself extrapolate that even in the worst of times, we still have things in our lives which we should be grateful for, and remind myself to continually evolve and embrace the new normal with élan, in a world where change is the only constant.


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