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Opinion | Angela Merkel Is Leaving. It's Time.

M erkel’s leadership spans 15 years and 4 terms and in that span, she latched on to become TIME's person of the year, Forbes most powerful woman and the Chancellor of what's often lauded as the "free world", However, the girl who would grow up to be called the most powerful woman in the world has tholed quite a journey from being the daughter of a Lutheran Pastor in East Germany to de facto leader of a continent.   Iron Curtain found literal expression in the form of the Berlin Wall, partitioning Germany’s capital into East and West for almost 3 decades, which finally collapsed in 1989 unifying the democratic and prosperous West Germany with the communist and impoverished side of the East, and soon Germany became one of the largest and most populous countries in Europe. This is when Ms. Angela Merkel crossed the confines of the world of Physics and set foot into politics.  First elected to be a member of the new German parliament in 1990, Merkel rapidly rose throug

Opinion | Race & Reckoning: India was a Symbol of Hope in the World. Now her Creviced Stories have Come to be a Symbol of all that is Being Corroded.

T he key to self-love is not, in fact, skin complexion. Those barely tell who gets the only concession to “beauty”. More important is to provide serenity to those who do not fall into the fair category, which is immaterial to the potential they hold from within.  There is poor understanding of how white privilege operates outside the U.S. and Europe. In fact, there is a danger in placing American race-based oppression at the center of global discussions on white supremacy. Let’s be explicit: racial oppression in the U.S. is the tip of the iceberg of a much deeper and more harmful global phenomenon of white privilege that has for too long been conveniently ignored.  For decades, women and men around the world, and even more so in India, have been distinguished, based on superficiality of secondary attributes, pivotally, the color of one’s skin. While this discriminatory, racist bickering threatens to eclipse the self-esteem of all the genders along with pushing them into a state of se