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Taiwan Is The Globalist's 2021 Democracy of the Year

D emocracy is fragile, but in the end, it prevails, it’s said. And the Neroes fall.   Using every tool in the playbook, China has tragically brought all that into doubt. In early October, the Chinese military launched its most threatening moves against Taiwan to date. Between Oct. 1 and 4, China’s air force flew nearly 150 war planes into Taiwan’s airspace; the 56 fighters, bombers and submarine hunters that flew on Oct. 4 were the largest ever one-day contingent sent near the island.  In an increasingly authoritarian Asia, where governments of struggling democracies instead of acting as a counterweight to autocratic influence from countries such as China have themselves veered towards authoritarianism. World’s largest surveillant state is now running the largest genocidal campaign as it tightens its clampdown against the Uighur Minority, and somehow today’s superpower is fast losing its grip to handle the one of tomorrow. But one signal seems to be standing out amidst a crippling rule