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Opinion | I am a Student. Is my Safety no more a Priority?

P ediatricians, at the Government of Medical College in Kozhikode, wear dismay on their face. "T here is no reason to delay vaccination among children as they were unlikely to get side-effects like elders." They proclaimed. "We must act now, before it is too late." On the 1 st  of May, India heralded its spirit, as the country was ready to pace in exasperation what’s often cited as the world’s largest vaccination drive by permitting all above the age of 18 to get the jab, though slow but steady. India reassured its  adult  citizens of normal times dawning soon amid the peak of a very devastating second wave. Just several months ago when the Indian Healthcare system was on the verge of ruin, reeling under an acute shortage of oxygen supplies, ventilators and beds, Sight of physicians watching helplessly as patients perished from preventable deaths, Indians gasping for breath being turned away from the battered hospitals and social media being filled with urgent reque

Opinion | One Woman, One Justice System And One Clear Message: Fall In Line

  I t was the dawn of 11 th  of September last year, when a mainstream news channel ran its headlines vilifying Rhea Chakraborty, an Indian actress. Calling her everything from a “whore” to “gold digger” to a woman of “questionable character”, cascading a voyeuristic trial by television, while they ripped apart her career, character and the entirety in between. It was just one array of the multitudinous others where her Innocence or guilt became the ground for cut-throat debates. It was almost as if the fundamental ethics of Journalism ceased to exist or plummeted to a level where they were all but recognizable. Her saga is a lesson on how India loves to hate women. On 14 th  June’2020,The Indian actor Sushant Singh Rajput (Boyfriend of Rhea) was found dead in his apartment in Mumbai, he evidently committed a suicide but allegedly was “poisoned” and “murdered” through a systematic plot chalked out by Chakraborty, which was largely unsubstantiated  — also with a highly unpopular split o